Advanced CAD for Metals/Jewelry Design

Fall 2006

End of Semester Deliverables:
  • All .3DM and .STL files from all assignments and exercises, organized into folders by project and burned onto a labeled CD
* All drawings and preparatory research, including readings and correspondence with vendors etc
  • The required number and quality of AcMetL posts
  • 3D models, cleaned up and castable/ready to take to the next step, for each assignment where a print was required
  • Final Semester Project output, cast or otherwise in intended material, cleaned up, and finished.
  • Renderings of all semester projects (emap is here) (Semester projects are those things that were not specifically made for a tutorial - i.e. your original work)

Class Members

Phil Carrizzi, Instructor
Sarah Bozarth, senior
Kara Rodriguez, senior
Melissa Klemm, senior
Elizabeth Gaines

Links to things we talked about in class:

Service Bureaus:

Richard Nelipovich Visit

RhinoScript Resources

* Objet Machine/Rubber RP

Agenda for Oct 10 - 2006
  • Look at new rings
  • Finish new rings - didn't work out in class
  • Finish new rings for next time, also bring ortho drawings for another new ring, and bring objects to scan (so long as the nextengine is working.)
  • Start posting to ACmetL

Agenda for Oct 5 - 2006
  • Bauble Patch Review
  • Look at Molds and new rings
  • Begin new ring - original rings with stone settings that integrate knowledge/experience gained so far
* Discuss Techgems/Videos
  • Discuss AcMetL

Agenda for Sept 7 2006
  • Discuss readings
  • Discuss AcMetL List
  • Last Day of Rhino/CAD Review
    • Quick Project 1**
Using everything you remember from CAD I, and what we reviewed over the past few weeks, to quickly design a ring in Rhino over the weekend that can be emailed to Phil by Monday at 3:30pm.
  • Criteria:
  • Awesome!
  • In mm
  • Finger ring
  • Up to three variations
  • In the correct size for you or any other client you wish
  • For the Perfactory process – plan on the pic100 castable resin at 50um
  • In .3dm format and .stl format, zipped together.
  • Use upload form at left if you have trouble emailing them