Subtractive Prototyping/Computer Numerically Controlled Milling Capabilities:

We use Artcam Jewelsmith or Protowizard for all gcode generation for our CNC systems.

System 1:

Modelmaster CNC 1000 located in room 202A
Used Primarily on wax, using the 4th axis, for jewelry scale projects
Sending to the manufacturer next summer for retrofitting with newer features

System 2:

Modelmaster CNC 2500
Used primarily on high density urethane foams, plastics, and some aluminum. Machining size max approx 300x300x100mm. (VERY slow machining speed for large parts)
Currently in Storage

System 3:

MaxNC 10CL
This is a very sturdy, Servo based, CNC system - fairly small scale. With 3D scanning probe, built in computer, 4th axis, and milling vise
Located in 202A

System 4:

Roland MDX15
This is a small scale CNC machine (that happens to be Phil's personal property - so be careful with me!), capable of cutting most materials. Fairly slow, but it has a number of advantages over our other systems. 1. It has an interesting piece of software with it, Modela Player, that not only generates G-Code specifically for this machine, but it has a great materials library that automatically sets all of the machining speeds to optimize/near guarantee success. 2. It is extremely easy to "zero" and begin machining; makes an ideal training machine. 3. Has limit/home switches - so it is possible to recover location without re"zeroing" X and Y manually. And 4. It is nearly impossible to break robust bits with it. It has an amperage sensor in the spindle that automatically turns the machine off when it senses it is trying to cut something too fast/is putting too much strain on the system. All of our other machines simply stall the motor/which drags the bit until it breaks off - or (perhaps worse) believes that the stalled motor has been cutting properly and "loses steps"/position in space.