Costs for Consumables in the Digital Fabrication Lab

LASER cutting: Machine time is included in your tuition/course fees (within reason), you supply all materials (which need to be approved by faculty/technician in advance). We can sell you some materials, at cost, that are stocked in the lab for this purpose. Nearly all materials, for handling convenience, are cut to 12x24" size - and consist mainly of various sizes of Acrylic and ABS sheet.

Dimension 1200 SST FDM prints: estimated at $.20/gram by weight, or $5/cubic inch ($.30/cc) (including supports)

Envisiontec Perfactory 3D prints: $.60/gram (weighed including supports and base layers) (Build/Support material is $300/kilogram - we double this to account for the bulb costs and wasted materials)

(You can estimate for the costs of the part materials (not supports) by finding the volume of your part in Rhino or other 3D software in cubic centimeters and multiplying that by the costs above - 1CC=1gram approx. Remember that your parts will, in all likelihood, not be printed solid.

CNC Machining: Must provide your own materials, will be required to be present/help during all stages of the cutting processes, and may be responsible for costs of tooling and fixturing materials

Vinyl Cutting: Cost of vinyl - $1.00/linear foot