Envisiontec Perfactory Rapid Prototyping/3D Printing System:

(acquired Winter 2004)

Our Envisiontec Perfactory Standard 3D printer is a high resolution stereolithography-type concept modeler/pattern maker/rapid prototyping system that uses a photomonomer resin and a DLP projector to polymerize 3D finished parts or casting patterns that are highly accurate, translucent or opaque, and reasonably strong in a few different materials (described at length below). The XY resolution of the device is 1280x1024 pixels, normally spread over 128mm (approx 300dpi) and a Z resolution of between 100 and 15um (user selectable - approx 250-1000 dpi). The resulting parts are 100% dense photo acrylate plastic - some of which need to be post-cured with light, and which have support structures that must be broken off manually, (as they are made of the same material as the part itself).

Variants of this system include:
The Desktop http://www.envisiontec.com/machine%20XGA%20Desktop.pdf
The Mini http://www.envisiontec.com/machine%20mini%20multi.pdf
The Vanquish http://www.envisiontec.com/machine%20Vanquish.pdf

How to burn Perfactory Materials out for casting Gold, Silver, and Platinum Casting

XY Resolution:

  • 1280x1024 pixels


Build Envelope Sizes:

  • Effective XY build resolution goes down as XY size goes up (pixels spread out over larger area, so each pixel gets larger/more noticable)
  • Z resolution is between 15 and 100um selectable when you generate the job - and is constant no matter the XY size
    • 190x152x230mm XYZ
    • 185.6x148.8x230mm XYZ
    • 179.2x143.36x230mm XYZ
    • 166.4x133.12x230mm XYZ
    • 160x128x230mm XYZ
    • 153.6x122.88x230mm XYZ
    • 140.8x112.64mm XYZ
    • 128x102.4x230mm XYZ (standard!)

- We build almost everything hollow! To reduce material costs (by drilling and draining), but also because the machine prints better the thinner the cross-sections are. Usually we hollow in magics to 1-2mm wall thickness.**

Envisiontec Perfactory Materials (including build parameters)

Envisiontec Perfactory PDF's