Hardware that is in the lab (404):

Most of these links go directly to the hardware/software vendor's websites - not to pages about our systems/how we use these assets. For that information please choose one of the links at left.

Major Systems (Things we use often)

Hardware that is elsewhere in the building, but is related to what we can do with the lab/initiative:

  • Laserpro Elite 40watt LASER engraving/cutting system (acquired 2008)
  • Protowizard 4 axis jewelry wax cutting fixturing system (202A) (acquired 2007)
  • Rotaspray Photo Etching System (202B) (acquired 2005)
  • CPP Laser Welder (202A) (acquired 2002)
  • Large, Medium scale vac formers - (Model Shop)
  • Morgan Plastic Injector (Storage)

Software that we own/use:

Considering in the future:

  • Objet Connex 3D Printer
  • Portable VR projection system
  • LCD Stereoscopic Monitor(s)
  • Additional RP / Concept modeling systems
  • More Haptic Interfaces
  • Matrix for Rhino