to cut 1/4" acrylic use hairline in CorelDraw, use .5 approx speed in pen printer settings, use 100% power.

1/26/08 When using more than two colors to achieve a variance in etch height one must change the print Properties to Manual Color Fill under the Option Tab. If one does not do this the extra colors will be interpreted by the machine as gray values and one will not achieve the desired result. This also brings into light that in the default mode of Black and White the machine can read gradients causing darker grays to be etched further into the material. Further testing is being done in this area and will continue into the future. Note D.P.I. makes a difference in this situation also.

1/31/08 Today I learned that styrene(1st time cut) has a greater tendency to burn especially near the edges of the sheet of the material. My recommendation to solve this problem is to use the Advance tab in Properties and select Relative under Position Mode. Center the material on the honeycomb and move the laser into start position according to the material edge. My theory is that the material gets less oxygen this way reducing the possibility of fire.

In case of Fire press F1 on the laser to pause the build, attempt to blow out the flame, shut the door and press F1 on the laser the resume the build.

2/7/08 If Adobe Illustrator files will not import into CorelDraw try saving the files again in SVG format then bring them into CorelDraw.